Thomasboro Grade School will soon look a little different! This spring we will under go a renovation to the front entrance and school office. Our front entrance is in need of greater security. Beginning this May, we will renovate the front entrance, including the Principal's office. As we get closer to May we will give out more information regarding how to enter the building and the location of the school office. 

In addition to these renovations, we will be adding on to the school building. Our gym space currently serves as a café, gym, and recess area. For years it has not been adequate space for all these activities that often take place at the same time. In addition, our garage continues to fall apart piece by piece. So, an all-purpose area that includes 2 offices, restrooms, and a new garage will be added to the current building. This new addition will be attached to the current building via the gym. 

We are excited for the renovations and new addition, and the safety and learning space it will provide the students of Thomasboro Grade School. Please stay tuned for updates on the progress of our new projects.