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Vocabulary Words


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Week 1 

seldom: not often

companion: someone who often goes with another person

budge: to move

frigid: freezing cold

obsolete: no longer in use

Week 2

illuminate: to light up

duplicate: being exactly the same

sole: to be alone or to be the only one

bland: something that is gentle and soothing

conflict: a struggle or disagreement

Week 3

detect: to discover

pedestrian: person who is traveling by foot

inquisitive: to be curious and ask many questions

envious: feeling jealous

numerous: many

Week 4 

courteous: having manners and respect for others

escalate: to increase in intensity or amount

peculiar: different from the usual or normal

establishment: a place of business

fund: to supply with money

Week 5

luxurious: costly things that please a person

deduce: to figure out by reasoning

hastily: done in a hurry

complex: having many parts that are related in a complicated way

consistent: unchanging in your beliefs or behavior

Week 6

cautiously: done with care

approach: to come near

retreat: to go away from something

exceed: to be greater than or go above the limits

portable: possible to carry or move around

Week 7:

relinquish: to give up or let go

intense: extremem

exhaust: to use up completely

adequate: good enough

conceited: having or showing too high of an opinion of yourself