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Thomasboro CCSD 130


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Needs Assessment Results

Needs Assessment Survey for Parent

2016-2017 Results


Parents were given the opportunity to complete the Needs Assessment Survey in May. This survey asked questions pertaining to the areas of curriculum, instruction, family and community involvement, technology, Title I, and Response to Intervention. We had 67 surveys completed and returned.


The school curriculum provides diverse learning opportunities:

78% Agree                   12% No Opinion             16% Disagree

The achievement results and goals are distributed and explained:

 82% Agree                   12% No Opinion               6% Disagree

I feel included in the decisions made about the school curriculum:

 39% Agree                  31% No Opinion              30% Disagree

We invited parents to review our Title I Plan, but we had minimal involvement. We would like to find ways to get the parents more involved in the decision-making process. We are currently getting ready to implement our new math curriculum for the 2017-2018 school year and plan to implement the new reading curriculum in the 2018-2019 school year. This curriculum was purchased with Title I Funds.  


Teachers demonstrate the content knowledge and mastery of the methods necessary to challenge and motivate all students to high levels of learning:

  81% Agree                   1% No Opinion                7% Disagree

Students have the opportunity for learning in individual, small group, and classroom settings:

  97% Agree                   1.5% No Opinion          1.5% Disagree

The instructional materials are adequate for our school program:

  73% Agree                  16% No Opinion            11% Disagree

We do our best to hire highly qualified and highly effective teachers and staff. We will continue as a staff to further of knowledge of best practices that will support the education and learning of all students. Our professional development is focused on implementing the new math curriculum and continuous school improvement.

Family and Community Involvement:

I read the community and parent newsletters:

  91% Agree                   6% No Opinion                3% Disagree

How often do you visit the school and what functions do you attend?

Many parents feel that they visit the school often, especially at sporting events, music concerts, parent-teacher conferences, other school functions.

What are reasons you feel keep parents from being involved?

Work, child-care, communication of events, motivation, apathy, can’t attend events during school day, encouragement, and transportation

As a school, we are always looking for ways to improve in this area.  We are hoping to increase of number of parent and community events for the new school year. Last year we updated our school website and created a school Facebook page. We will continue to inform parents about our events through social media and flyers and we welcome any ideas to increase parent and community involvement.


Do you and/or your children have daily access to the Internet at home?

   87% Yes                                   13% No

Have you or your child visited the TGS website at www.thomasboro.k12.il.us?

  75% Yes                                   25% No


Title I:

I am well informed on what services are available through Title I:

 54% Agree                   18% No Opinion        28% Disagree

Would you like to receive more Title I information?

 49% Yes                                   51% No

We currently provide information at Open House and at our Title I Night. We also have information in our handbook. We will continue to find ways to inform parents.


I have a true understanding of the RTI process:

 37% Agree                   31.5% No Opinion        31.5% Disagree

Would you like to receive more RTI information?

 51% Yes                                   49% No

We currently provide information at Open House and at our Title I Night. We also have information in our handbook. We will continue to find ways to inform parents.



Have you benefited from the TeacherEase parent access to grades and discipline information?

60% Yes                                   40% No

Do you prefer we use TeacherEase emails for notifications, other than emergencies, over the AlertNow phone system?

31.5% Yes       3.5% No Opinion          55% No


Other comments:

Parents would like to see an option to pay fees online.

They really love Class DoJo.

A few would like to see the use of behavior logs instead of discipline referrals.

Some would like TeacherEase to be updated more often in term of grades.

Many parents like the educational sites that are listed on our website.


“TGS staff and curriculum are great!”

“I hope to see more community interaction through the school.”

“It is a nice school!”