November Newsletter

What’s Happening…

Happy November! We have a very busy month ahead of us.  We have basketball starting next week and would love for everyone to join us to help cheer on our players! Students 4th grade and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

This past month we have been focusing on Individuality throughout the building.  For November, we will focus on Contentment, learning to be okay with what you have.  I encourage you to continue working with your student(s) on our monthly essential values at home.

The cool weather has finally set in, so please remember to dress your student in warm clothes with a jacket/coat.  We will continue to go outside as long as we are able to.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving Holiday and have a happy November!

-Mrs. White

Important Dates

November 9- Basketball Game- Uni High- 6:00

November 10- 1:55 Dismissal

November 11- Basketball Game- Home- 6:00

November 12-2nd Quarter Midterm

November 16- Basketball Game- Home- 5:30

November 18- Basketball Game- Holy Cross- 6:00

November 19- 11:30 Dismissal

November 23- Basketball Game- Home- 6:00

November 24- No School

November 25- No School

November 26- No School

November 29- Basketball Game- Home- 6:00

November 30- Basketball Game- Next Gen. 6:00