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Thomasboro CCSD 130


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Promotion Policy


In accordance with the state law, the district shall not make social promotions of students.  A student shall be considered for promotion if that student earns 7 of 10 possible points.  Points will be awarded in the following areas:

Curriculum - 5 possible points

Students can earn up to 5 points by achieving a yearly average passing grade/achievement in the core subjects.  Core subjects in grades 6 - 8 will include Reading (1 point), Math (1 point), Language Arts (1 point), Science (1 point), and Social Studies (1 point).

Attendance - 2 possible points

Students can earn 2 points by attending school 90% of the school year.  Excused and unexcused absences will count as days not in attendance.

Teacher Recommendation - 2 possible points

Students can earn 2 points from a teacher recommendation.  Classroom teachers will evaluate as to whether the student has learned the necessary skills to achieve in the next grade.

Assessment Data – I possible point

Students can earn 1 point for assessment data gathered throughout the school year. The data will help determine whether the student can be successful in the next grade.                                                       

     The above standards represent a minimum.  If in the opinion of the classroom teacher(s), administrator(s), and parent(s), the student is not ready to be promoted, the student will be retained in the present grade. Retention of students eligible for Special Education must be decided by the IEP. A committee will evaluate the case of a student who turns 15 years old and does not meet the promotion criteria.  This committee will recommend either retention or an appropriate placement for this student.  Students who fail to meet the criteria for promotion shall receive remedial assistance in the form of: 1) additional instruction; and/or 2) tutorial assistance.

     The 8th grade graduation ceremony is a privilege in which to participate. If a student is not passing and is being placed, not promoted, into 9th grade he/she will not participate in graduation. Parents will attend a meeting with the middle school teachers to discuss this far in advance of graduation. If a student has not earned the privilege to participate[m1]  due to numerous discipline referrals, which include out of school suspensions, he/she may not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. The same concerns are for students with very poor attendance. If a student has missed more than 18 days of school due to excused or unexcused absences, a parent/teacher meeting will be held to review the promotion policy and discuss the student’s eligibility to participate in the graduation ceremony. This will be monitored closely and meetings held with parents to ensure the child has learned enough to graduate from 8th grade.